Back to Work and some ideas

I’m so happy to be back and in the swing of things. Always before I leave for a trip, I frantically work on a thousand projects because I can’t bear the thought of going away and leaving my fun at home. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the trips away. This time, we went to Phoenix to decide whether Ezri would have gamma knife surgery or not. In the end it was decided that she would not have the surgery and that was a good decision. But getting there was exhausting–and I’m still feeling some of that exhaustion. It was a good trip – anytime we’re with family, whether stressful or not, it’s a good trip. It’s good to be home too!

Now, I started working on this before I left. Here’s the Electric Quilt version of this quilt. I’m making it in red and green and yellow and will have more pictures and some instructions sometime tomorrow. For now, here’s a little teaser.