Accuquilt EQ7 Links

How to Use the Accuquilt GO Cutting Equivalents Chart with Electric Quilt

Texting in EQ7 Software

How Many Patches Do I Need?

Block 1: Birds in the Air

Block 2: Sarah’s Choice

Block 3: School Girl’s Puzzle (also called Old Maid’s Puzzle)

Block 4: Dutchman’s Puzzle

Download Blocks 1-4

Block 5: Turnstile Block

Block 6: Ohio Star

Block 7: Road to Oklahoma

Block 8: Hourglass 1

Download Blocks 5-8:

Block 9: Clay’s Choice

Block 10: Basket of Flowers

Block 11: Variable Star

Block 12: Single Irish Chain

Download Blocks 9-12

Block 13: Double Monkey Wrench aka Hole in the Barn Door aka Churn Dash

9 Replies to “Accuquilt EQ7 Links”

  1. Hi, Marjorie. Thanks for all of the great Go cutting equivalents, however I think there is an error on your Double Monkey Wrench cutting instructions for the D and E block. Would the strips need to be cut at 2.5 inches, then subcut to 4.5 (this unit would finish at 4″ and combine with the other compenents to form a 12″ finished block). As written, this subunit would finish at 3″, which the other compenents finish at 4″.

    Take care!

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for these tutorial’s for EQ and Accuquilt. When ever I have a question, it’s nice to know I can check out your blog and usually find an answer.

  3. That is a good ideal,I never would have thought to use the text tool. I like using EQ7, it just doesn’t have a better way to add your instructions to your project while you work on it. I hope they will improve on that part of their software. I also use Quilt Pro which does allow you to work on your instructions and make any changes you need to make. It’s in the print center, under editable preview.

  4. Hello,
    I am halfway through the Sunbonnet Sue Embroidery Set for the AccQuilt GO Sunbonnet Sue Die #55061
    I did the right facing (green) Sues…but I simply cannot figure out how to Mirror the design to stitch the left facing (pink) Sues.
    Can you help me? I am new to computer, and somehow found this blog by googling your name with Accuquilt & Sun Bonnet Sue.
    Thankyou for the nice design, Donna

  5. Is there any way I could get obtain a copy of your applique tutorials since the link does not work anymore?

  6. Marjorie, Thanks so much for letting me know where to get all the lines of The Finishing Line. I’m eager to start working on this. It’s such a pretty quilt! I have spent the 4th of July weekend cleaning my sewing room (not quite finished yet!) and will be starting new projects very soon. I love reading your website. Thanks again.

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