Giveaways: GO!™ for a Star QOV Challenge April-May 2012

The following prizes will be awarded by random drawing to selected participants of the QOV Challenge – see points guidelines below. Complete Challenge information can be found here.



GO!™ Baby Fabric Cutter and five dies of the winner’s choice

Aurifil “The Basics Collection” by Mark Lipinski

GO Baby Value Die

GO! Baby Value Die

Six Month Subscription to Blocks to Die For Digital Magazine

 Aurifil Thread Sample Packs

2 yards Blank Textiles fabric and Aurifil thread pack
2 yards fabric from Blank Textiles and Aurifil thread pack


 Prizes and Giveaways for Challenge Participants:

Winners of the prizes listed above will be chosen from those who officially enter the challenge as described below: Records will be kept by the Linharts and Marjorie Busby will coordinate getting the prizes to the winners.


To officially enter this QOV Challenge:

1) Leave a comment on the designated blog post to tell us that you are participating in the Challenge and will be making quilt blocks, quilt top(s), or finished quilts to be given to active service members and/or veterans who have served in a war zone.

2) Send your blocks/tops/quilts to Dick Linhart (see address above) and label each item with a tag that includes your name, email (and blog). Blocks should measure 12.5 inches unfinished and quilt tops/quilts should measure a minimum of 55? x 65?.

Selection of winners: You will receive points based on a formula that calculates number of quilt blocks by square inch. This gives a proportional number of points for those who make only one or two blocks versus those who make a complete quilt top. Finished quilts will receive the appropriate number of points for blocks and this will be multiplied by 2. Each person will then have one entry per point and selection will be made using a random number selector.

Points formula for quilt tops:

width x height = total area

(total area  / 144) x 1.5 = equivalent number of blocks = total number of entries

Points formula for a finished quilt:

equivalent number of blocks (see above) x 2 = total number of entries


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