Guidelines for QOV Quilts for GO!™ for a Star Challenge

Guidelines for QOV Quilts:

Minimum Size: 55 x 65 inches finished

Maximum Size: 72 x 90 inches finished

Quilts that are already quilted, bound, and labeled are preferred as this reduces costs of shipping to piecers and quilters. Please note that the QOV Foundation does not provide funds for shipping and checks made out to QOV require a great deal of time spent in accounting and that 10% overhead be sent to the QOV Foundation.

Mail/ship to:

Richard Linhart

333 West Brown Deer Road, #130

Milwaukee, WI 53217


Colors: Red, white, and blue in any shade for men and for women. (Gold stars are to be used only for service members who have given their life in service to our country, so do not use gold star fabric or gold star designs in your quilts).

Please do NOT use any of the following fabrics or prints:

  • Pink
  • Large floral prints
  • Service specific prints (example: cannot use a print related to the Marines for a member of the Army)
  • Gold stars (Gold stars honor those who have given their life in service to our country)
  • Camouflage prints as these are also service specific

Quilts made with any of these fabrics are not able to be used.

Type of Fabric: please use quilt shop quality fabric.

Quilt Labels:

Please make a label if you can. If you cannot make a label, please provide the information for the label on a piece of paper submitted with your quilt.

Labels should have the following information:

  • Name of the individual(s) making the quilt
  • Name of the quilter
  • Name of the design and designer (if using a commercial pattern)
  • Space to hand write the name of the recipient and their branch of service

Suggestions for labels:

  • Red Rooster fabric that has pre-printed labels
  • Photo Fabric by Blumenthal Craft
  • Timeless Treasures printable sheets
  • It is preferred that the label be made as a pocket on the back of the quilt so that a letter/information can be inserted.
  • The quilter may write a letter or note on a separate piece of paper to the recipient if desired.

Do NOT sign blocks or anywhere on the front of the quilt

Do NOT stitch the label into the binding of the quilt

Quilt Patterns:

Many free patterns are available and will be listed at throughout the Challenge.

NO gold stars (gold stars honor those who have given their life in service to our country)

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