Qube Workout Sampler QAL

Take a quick look at the beautiful finishes for the Broken Dishes QAL.

Welcome to the QubeWorkout Sampler QAL. This page will be updated weekly.

After posting the original yardage chart and a great deal of thought about design and the logistics of this QAL I updated the design to make this lots more fun and exciting while keeping the yardage the same. The sampler blocks will be six-patch blocks that are my original designs. And just by choosing your own fabrics and even mixing and matching the subunits in the blocks, you will have a quilt like no other. The QAL will last approximately 15 weeks (3 months) and a new block will be posted each Monday. Each block will have three versions: one for the Mix & Match Qube, one for the Mix & Match + Angles Companion Qube, and one for the Mix & Match + Corners Companion Qube. And if this is not the right time for you, the pattern will be available for sale in my web shop after the QAL is finished.

01 QUBE Sampler 05-21 Yardage-Design Update

      02 Qube Sampler Block 1 Prom Queen

     03 Qube Sampler Block 2 Rock n Roll

    04 Qube Sampler Block 3 Night Flight (updated 7/10/2021)

       05 Qube Sampler Block 4 Star Soiree

        06 Qube Sampler Block 5 Vortex

       07 Qube Sampler Block 6 QSQuest01

     08 Qube Sampler Block 7 QSQuest02

      09 Qube Sampler Block 8 Castle Wall

      10 Qube Sampler Block 9 Sailboats

      11 Qube Sampler Block 10 Spin Class

    12 Qube Sampler Block 11 Triangle Tesselation  updated 8/4/2021

     13 Qube Sampler Block 12 Summer Posies