QUBE QAL January-February 2022

This QAL was  done in conjunction with the Facebook Group of AccuQuilt Qube Quilts. Because the QAL is now finished, I am posting a file that combines all of the blocks and the instructions for the blocks as well as the fabric requirements and a diagram of the quilt construction. These blocks are from the AccuQuilt 72 block library. You are welcome to download the file and use it to make your own quilt or a quilt to be gifted. It is not to be used for mass production or quilts to sell.  

To download files, right click and select the save option from the right click menu and “save” the file to a location on your computer OR left click and the file will open in your browser. There will be an option to download from the browser.

Jan-March 2022 QAL Instructions for all Blocks: QUBE QAL Jan-Mar 2022