QUBE QAL January-February 2022

This QAL is done in conjunction with the Facebook Group of AccuQuilt Qube Quilts. We invite any quilter with an AccuQuilt system or who wants to get an AccuQuilt system to apply for membership in the group. One must answer all questions to be approved for membership in the group. To participate in the QAL download the pattern files, make the blocks/quilt and post photos on the Facebook Group photo album. 

To download files, right click and select the save option from the right click menu and “save” the file to a location on your computer OR left click and the file will open in your browser. There will be an option to download from the browser.

January 4, 2022 Step 1: Layout and Yardage

January 10, 2022 Block 1: Block 1 Flying Birds Instructions

January 17, 2022 Block 2: Block 2 Ribbons

January 24, 2022 Block 3: Block 3 Diamond Star


Connector Blocks:

Block 14 MixMatch Connector-HST-QST Instructions-rev

Angles Companion Qube Connector Instructions