Variable Star with Pinwheel Center made with Snowball blocks

Yesterday, we talked about making pinwheel blocks. There is always a standard setting using sashing and that makes a very pretty quilt. But thinking about how to use my pinwheel blocks sent me to my EQ7 software to see what I could make. Here is one example.

The Variable Star block with a pinwheel center is one of my favorites.  It is usually made as a star block with the points constructed as Flying Geese units. In this version, I used a snowball block and a modified half snowball block rather than the usual flying geese unit to make the star points. This would definitely be easier to piece than the usual variable star. The other advantage is one that is always important — fewer seams which makes a prettier quilt.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about how I would cut this with the Accuquilt GO and how I would piece it. There are multiple options for cutting and piecing.

Snowball Half Block
Snowball Block



Variable Star Quilt made with Snowball Blocks

Matching Points on Pinwheels

Pinwheels and triangles are the hardest thing for me to do when piecing. The reason is that I want the points to come out exactly in the seam. I pulled out an unfinished project of pinwheels when I needed some busy work last week. And here is the ‘aha’ moment that I had. While it’s not ideal that all seams are NOT pressed to the darker fabric, it’s very nice that the points meet beautifully in the middle. Maybe we can’t have our cake and eat it too.

What I realized is that having all the seams pressed in the same direction (clockwise or counter clockwise) is what gives me perfect points on the pinwheels. Look at the pictures below and you will see what I’m talking about. You may have to look carefully to see where the point is “off” on the second photo, but that is the one that has all seams pressed toward the darker fabric.