Links to Instructions and Videos – updated and improved

The links page is located under pages in the left column of this blog. It was created to provide more information about the projects about which I am writing. However, I have had a lot of questions about access to documents on Scribd. Documents were located there because I thought it would be easier for you and for me. I have found that Scribd does not work well for some readers. I am sure a lot of it is related to individual needs and preferences for browser security settings. Thus, I have completely redone the links page. I hope it will be easier for readers to use. Now you will find that each instruction has links to videos and downloads on a single line.  There are also links to documents at both the Scribd website and on my server.

I have tried to check each link to be sure I dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s. If you find any broken links, please let me know so that I can fix it.

Happy Quilting! 

A little more about Shiva Paintstiks and Pentel fabric pastels

I talked a little bit about Shiva Paintstiks the other day and want to give you a little more information. I have no affiliation other than being a satisfied customer. These oil Paintstiks can be used directly to make rubbings, with stencil brushes and stencils, or used as if they were a large crayon. The colors can be blended on a palette and then applied, they can be applied thickly as a solid color, or in a thin coat as sheer color. I have often used the lighter tints to lighten up a patch in a block when the contrast was not what I wanted it to be.

The Cedar Canyon website has a wealth of information about how to use Shiva Paintstiks, some fun projects, tips for success, and other FAQs. These oil paints are the only ones that are specifically made for fabric, and there is a complete article on the website which explains how they are made with a lower linseed oil composition to work specifically on fabric.

Another product I have used that I really like are the Pentel fabric pastels. Their website also has information about these. Using these pastels is more limited than the Paintstiks. The fabric pastels are crayon like, but work extremely well in some situations. The project photos below show a flower that I colored with fabric pastels and then quilted with metallic thread.

I do have one tip related to freezer paper stencils. I have found that if you press on the fabric side, after you have first adhered the freezer paper stencil to the fabric, that the stencil sticks better. Now, I wonder if you could stick two layers of freezer paper together and then press from the fabric side to make it really adhere. Sounds like an experiment to do today. I’m still babysitting – do you think a 2 year old can use Paintstiks or fabric pastels — NO! she will definitely get her own fabric and the Crayola fabric crayons.


Pressing Tip

One of the most significant things I have done to improve my quilting has been to make a good pressing surface. Yesterday I was working on some blocks and rather than grab my pressing board which was in the other room, I used my ironing board. After pressing a few seams, I was motivated to take the extra few steps and get my pressing board. Wow! what a difference it makes. So, I thought I’d show you that video from the Sharon Schamber Network this morning. It makes all the difference in the world.

I’m babysitting today and tomorrow, so probably won’t get any stitching done. I will have a lot of fun with a cute little girl though.  

Free Tote Bag Pattern from the Lazy Girl Designs Blog

Lazy Girl | Blog » Make Our 1 Yard, 1 Hour Free Tote Bag Pattern For Last Minute Holiday Gift Bags

This is a great link to a quick and easy tote bag that you can make for gifts or for carrying groceries or swim gear to the pool. It takes one yard of fabric and one hour to make one. I’ll bet if you set up an assembly line, you could make multiple bags in much less time. I’m catching up on some quilting today, so hope you enjoy looking at this free pattern. When I make this, I box out the bottom by sewing a triangle across either end (see instructions for the child’s backpack on my links page).


Baby quilt finished

I finished quilting a baby quilt this weekend for a friend who is expecting a niece in July. The baby shower is this coming weekend. The quilting is flowers (pictures below). The quiltmaker chose yellow fleece for the backing. I debated quite awhile before deciding to use Request weight Dream cotton batting. The other option I considered was a flannel. I looked at flannel at Thimble Pleasures; they had an incredible selection of the most beautiful and thick, soft flannel. The request weight Dream cotton turned out to be a very comfortable weight after quilting. The reason I debated so is because I had made one for my Mom with a fleece backing that turned out to be  just a little too heavy – although I use it every time I make an overnight visit to her house. So, I was fairly pleased with the way the baby quilt turned out. I would have quilted with less echoing around the flowers if I were doing it again – but I have those “I wish I had. . .” thoughts after every quilt I finish. I guess every one is a learning experience.

I watched a video from my friend Nichole Webb this weekend. She is such an incredible quilter. Here’s a clip she put on youtube.

I’m baby-sitting all week this week, so will put off my trip to Mother’s for another week. Ezri has her monthly injection at the hospital this morning. That always takes at least half a day. Now that she’s in pre-school, her appointment is later in the morning so she doesn’t miss as much school. That means Kes naps at my house – or NOT! One never knows whether she’s going to nap or not. Thursday Ezri has an appointment with a neurosurgeon in Charlotte, and Friday is an all day video EEG at Duke. She is certainly a sweet little girl to put up with all the poking and prodding and electrode glue.

Here are photos of the finished baby quilt, and I’m off to work on Norma’s oak leaves that I took off the frame to finish the baby quilt:

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