Linda’s Beautiful QOV Design

Linda in Arizona sent me this photo yesterday. I’m in love with this quilt. It is so beautiful with the rail fence blocks and the bordered star blocks. Linda used four strips on her rail fence blocks and rotated them around the center for a design that has a lot of movement and really focuses her star blocks at the same time. She used the machine embroidery stars that I designed – this is an update – at first I thought she used them without the applique shapes, but here are photos – she used a light blue fabric and the closeups show the blocks and stitching better.





Linda also sent the EQ7 file. Each block is 16 inches square, including the borders. The rail fence blocks use 2 inch strips and you can see that part of what makes this quilt so interesting is that the outer borders on the star blocks are different widths than the borders on the rail fence blocks. If you would like to have the EQ7 file, just leave a comment and I’ll send it to you.

And, I haven’t forgotten that you want to see my progress. Will give you photos tomorrow.


Secondary Design for a Star

A big Thank You to Sue Edberg for her beautiful quilts. I left her post up for a few extra days because her quilts are just so beautiful.

How is everybody doing with their QOV projects? I’d love to hear progress and even see some pictures. I’ll show pictures of my progress tomorrow.

And I’ve been thinking about what to do next for star blocks that are simple, but different. I played around a bit in EQ7 and came up with this variation on the Ohio Star. It is inspired by the 54-40 Fight Block which has four patches on all four corners.

To make a 12 inch block, each finished four patch unit would measure 4 inches. The star points are four inch finished quarter square triangle units, and the center square is a 4 inch square. It really is pretty simple when you put it together with simple sashing and cornerstones. And the four patch blocks create a very pretty secondary pattern within this quilt.




Guest Blogger: Sue Edberg and her beautiful Star Quilts

It’s exciting to have Sue Edberg as a guest blogger today. You may know her as “Sue in Scottsdale”. Sue is sharing some of her quilts made with this beautiful star block. Sue grew up in Rhode Island and lived and taught college in Boston before moving to Scottsdale in 1975 where she lives with her husband and four dogs. 

Sue loves piecing and has been quilting for about 12 years. She has a longarm APQS Millennium with a CompuQuilter, but only quilts for herself. She bought an Accuquilt GO when they were first introduced and loves it so much that she now has not only a GO! but a Baby GO! and a Studio Cutter. She has done demonstrations and presentations of the Accquilt GO at the Arizona Quilters Guild recent annual show in March. She also teaches quilt piecing classes using the GO! at her local quilt shop. 

For three years she has concentrated on making quilts for the Quilts of Valor project. She creates all of her designs so that she can cut 90% or more with the Accuquilt system. Two of her beautiful quilts can be seen below and more of her quilts can be seen on her Flickr site and on her Webshots site. 

Star Quilts by Sue Edberg

I made this quilt specifically as a QOV. The center of each block is a square in a square block and I did use Jodi Barrow’s Square in a Square ruler but I wasn’t entirely happy with it. I would try something different next time. I now have a smaller half square triangle die and it might work.

This is a closeup before I quilted it.

This green quilt was a lot of fun. I took the basic block and set it on point. I changed the placement of the colors (used EQ7) to design this and just played with it until I was happy. It really didn’t take very long and I love the look of this. It looks very difficult to piece, but it really isn’t. You just have to watch the placement of the square colors. The quilt is basically made up of one block but I believe it was two different colorways – some had dark and light 4 patch squares in the center and the others had light and medium 4 patch squares in the center.

And here’s a closeup


Another Eight Pointed Star

This Quilts of Valor GO! for a Star has made me try things I never thought I would do. This 8 pointed star is one I have admired for years. I even bought the Accuquilt die. But I’ve always been intimidated by triangles and even more intimidated by these triangles. Well, I tried it anyway—so here’s a quick photo essay on putting this block together. The finished size is 9 inches, so if you make blocks to send for a Quilts of Valor submission you can add sashing to the sides to make it come up to 12-1/2 inches. If you’re going to make a top or a quilt, you don’t need anything except the minimum quilt / top size of 55 x 65 inches.

Here’s the finished block:


 These are the dies that I used for a 9 inch finished block:


This the number of pieces needed for each block:

This is how I constructed the star points: