Sewing Room Tool: Sharps Disposal

One of the things that everyone needs in their sewing room is a quick and easy disposal of broken needles, bent pins, and dull blades. Over the years I have used many containers, but the one I have found to be best is an empty Coffeemate powder container. It has a small round flip opening for needles and pins and a wide mouth that can be opened to dispose of blades. I always make sure that I remove the label and mark it with a red Sharpie that says “Sharps Disposal”.

Another container that works well is a Benefiber container. I am sure there are others that meet the criteria. Just last week, I bought Coffeemate instead of the store brand just because of the shape of the container. 

Thursday’s Tool – Scotch Removable Tape

A great tool that I use when quilting pantographs is Scotch Removable tape. Some quilters use a clear gridded mat over their pantograph. Because I use my table as a cutting table and also a place to lay out and cut borders, I would have to remove the mat every time. I traced a grid on my table with a Sharpie for placement. I lay out my pantographs and stick them down with Scotch Removable tape. The tape holds the paper securely in place and is easily removable when I’m finished. This tape has a blue label and is easily found at the office supply store and at most other stores such as the drugstore, discount stores, and department stores.

Here’s a photo showing how I use it. I am attaching a pantograph that I purchased and downloaded from The pantograph is Mimosa by Patricia Ritter.

Scotch removable tape
Scotch Removable tape for attaching pantograph to table